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Things I'll Never Say
Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed/Win - Mature

Chapter 14 : Godsend

"Winny... you have to hold on..." Tears stung my eyes as I held her hand in my gloved one.

A breathless and pain filled reply came back to me. "Y-you haven't called me that..." A few pants and a long drawn out breath. "...a longtime..." My eyes flickered to hers and I could see so many emotions with in them and I felt as if I could see and feel everything she had ever felt in just one gaze into those azure eyes. But it was short lived, because I felt a slap on my shoulder and my attention was drawn back to the main event.

"Snap out of it Alphonse!" Auntie made a face and rolled her eyes at me and I promptly blushed eight shades of red. You would think after having my body for a few years I could control that. "I need more towels..." She tells me and like a busy working bee I scramble out of the room to fetch some. And to my wonderful surprise there is Edward, right outside the door looking as white as the substance he despises. He looked just as bad as Winry, disheveled hair, wrinkled clothing, and he hadn't even shaved yet. Yes, my poor brother looked utterly and positively helpless and it mad me smile a little.

"Ed, don't you want to come in?" His eyes went as big as saucers and he shook his head franticly. I sigh and put a hand on his shoulder. "Brother, I'm sure she wants you in there... in fact... I'm sure she needs you in there." At the word 'need' his eyes changed to a look of worry and concern. Oh brother, you take things too literal sometimes. So before he is able to assault be with questions I reply to those looks. "Labor is very tiring, I'm sure if you go in there she will find her strength again." And I smile at him and his face goes even whiter than before. "Brother, Listen.. she needs you... go in... please..." Now I am getting irritated at him. "You can't just stay out here while she's in there having your baby!!" I suck in a breath and wring my hands. Now is NOT the time to be overwhelmed with emotions. Although I am very tired, even exhausted.

Winry started having labor pains sometime after lunch the previous day and it is about eight o'clock in the morning now. The last time she was checked was over an hour ago and she only had three centimeters to go before she was fully dilated. And with like most labors, she could already be dilated all the way and pushing in the matter of minutes. So I sigh and latch my arm around brothers and  drag him toward the room, along with about half a dozen towels in tow. But just when we are about to get into the room he flails his arms and holds the door frame tightly. "Brother!!..." Okay now I am beyond irritated and frustrated. "Edward Elric, you go in there and see your wife this instant! None of this sulking around. Get your ASS in there NOW." I have been calm and patient with him. But this is the last straw. When Elysia was born we were so young, so of course it was scary, but this... this is his OWN child being born and it IS a beautiful thing.  I grab him around the waist and pull him in.

His voice cracks in response and I smile.  "How could you Al....!! Sell out your own brother!!!" This phrase seems oddly familiar and it makes me grin in triumph.

"Be a man for once!" It is Auntie speaking and I burst out and laugh. But I stop when I eye brother glaring at me. He may be pissed off at me now, but he'll come around and thank me later. I know he will.

"Edward?" It is a faint whisper laced with desperation. Oh Winry, you're knight in shining armor is here.

I nudge him in the ribs and he arches an eyebrow at me. Oh brother, are you THAT clueless when love is involved?

"Well are you just going to stand there pip-squeak?" And I can see a hint of laughter behind Auntie's eyes. His eyes flash red it seems and I chuckle a bit behind my hand. I smile and shake my head as I set the towels down on the nearby table.

Brother makes his way over to the chair that has been placed nicely beside the head of her bed, a chair that until now was vacant. As i pull a stool up to sit beside Auntie. He loves her. I think he always did but never knew what the feeling was until a short time ago. I guess it took going away and freshly coming home to make him see how much he needs her. A small smile comes to my face. Brother, you have found true happiness.

"Alphonse? Are you sure about this?" It is Auntie speaking again and my direction is turned back to what is happening lower. I swallow the nervous lump in my throat. Why am I so nervous now? Just a short while ago I was excited about all this. But now, that the time has come I feel so frantic and lost. She puts a hand on trembling one. "Its alright if you don't want to. I understand. But she is close. She will be starting to push soon and one of us has to take charge." I nod my head.

"I'm ready, I can do this." She smiles at me and nods also. Pushing aside with her feet I inch to the side to be in front of Winry. Okay, so I lied. I'm not really ready. But how can anyone be prepared, well be FULLY prepared to deliver their first baby? Certainly not me.

When I first took up an interest in medicine I really had no idea that THIS would be in store for me. Sure I had thought about little chubby faced kids with scrapes on the knee, and not to mention sweet old ladies with arthritis, but THIS? NO WAY!

It was brother's idea. He said I had a way with people. I had shrugged it off with a smile and blush. But he IS right. Most smile and trust me as soon as I open my mouth. Winry calls it a godsend. But of course I simply smile because I don't believe in God.

So with a snap I put on a new fresh pair of gloves and wince as I check her one last time.


Two Epilogues to follow... and then look out for Things I'll Never Say :  Drabbles
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