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It was no surprise that Ed liked food. At the rate the man shoveled and GORGED on it, no one would be surprised when he went shopping and came home with about ten extra bags than normal when Alfons would go out. And winry and Al would just

shake their heads and roll their eyes. But when Alfons was taking the things out his eyes widened and so did every one else's. Even as Ed was sitting by the window drinking a cup of some kind of juice, ALREADY having opening even as the food was still being taken out of the many bags he had brought in no more than five minutes prior.

Alfons took the package out and set it on the table. He cleared his throat lightly, still a bit shocked. And of course, Winry immediately commented.

"er Ed.. what are those? they weren't on the list.." Which was a good observation. Ed only bought things that were on the list for everyone else, everything else was for HIM.

"Whats what?" And as e turned he jumped forward to grab the package. But Alfons held it away with a small smile. "hey gimme that?!" Alfons gave it to him and smiled wider.

Ed f course just grumbled and shoved it in the cabinet.

Leaving Winry, Al, and even Alfons snickering..

Who would have that Mr. Edward Elric, almighty fullmetal alhemist had a soft spot for the sugar cookies with the smilies on them.

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Random Drabble thing I wrote to Jen in MSN:

Ed came out of the bathroom followed by a confused Alfons. And as Al and Winry were waiting they saw them. Ed looked very irritated while Alfons, poor Alfons was trying to.. well.. it seemed console him.

"its not that bad Edward.." Alfons spoke softly.

Ed on hte other hand was snorting. "sure... you can.. can.. " he whipped around to face him. "dont SAY it."

Alfons smiled warmly and finished his sentence. "you mean Reach?"

While Al and Winry were just looking on confused. Ed stormed off down the hall of the small function hall in which the coronation of Mustang becoming Fuehre was taking place.

Alfons sighed. "... he couldn't reach the urinal."

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girlHeixEd Drabble, after listening to the song Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne

Alfons sits on the ground holding his jacket. its torn and ripped in a few spots and she feels the tears.. wet and thick going down her face.

He was gone and there was nothing she could do now. And she never even told him..

Her voice, nothing but a whisper in the cold almost empty room

"i love you..."

Not even a moment goes by before another voice echoes hers.

"Really now?"

A warm smile on Edward Elrics lips as he stands there with a hand on his hip looking at her.

He came back.